Chevy 4WD

Imported 4WD trucks from The United States have been popular with some Australians. The trucks are well known around the world as work horses that drive and look awesome. For some select few Aussie's the imported 4WD vehicles have set them apart and given them status.

A Queensland company is now offering imports of the Chevrolet Silverado and its cousin the GMC Sierra. The Chevy Silverado 4WD is an awesome 4WD crew cab truck. This Chevy 4WD offers a huge interior and a rugged design. The vehicle will come with a 120,000km/four year warranty.

The Chevy 4WD features a 6.6 liter Turbo diesel V8 engine and sports an Allison six speed automatic transmission. This Chevy 4x4 can tow a massive 4 tons.

The imported 4x4 truck will be retrofitted to meet the standards of the Australian Design Rules and will sport right hand drive. The RHD requirement for imported vehicles is pretty standard unless the vehicle is a collectible. In this case, you should inquire with your local agency about registrations rules.

If you want to get some work done and have fun doing it the Chevy 4WD Silverado is the vehicle for you. It will not be cheap but you will be much more productive if hauling or towing heavy loads is a business requirement for you.

The turbo diesel engine design offers better fuel economy over a gasoline engine model and has much more power. Drivers of the Silverado 4WD are extremely impressed by the agile quick performance the truck offers. Those lucky enough to drive one usually want to take the vehicle home with them. If your business is construction, farm, or ranch related, this vehicle will enhance your business tremendously.

Overall, the Chevy 4WD is a trendy smart choice.