4WD Tours

A 4 Wheel Drive tour in Australia is a special way to explore and experience Australia. Australians have taken the notion of safari and taken it to the next level. A 4-wheel-drive safari is the ultimate way to see and interact with the mother earth that is Australia.

Traveling by 4WD is a very personal way to travel and camp Australia. Whether on holiday or vacationing in Australia for the first time this is a very special way to get close to nature and experience the awesome natural beauty of the diverse nature of Australia.

4WD safaris are offered by a wide and diverse group of touring companies all over the country of Australia. They cater to every lifestyle and financial means. You can venture off on a 3 day safari or a 70 day trek. You can experience camp life and tell stories by the fire or stay in a lodge along the way.

Taking a tour in awesome Aussie style is the 4 wheel drive safari offered by OzXposure. The company is owned and operated by TrekAmerica and is a leader in small safari style tours. What makes OzXposure extraordinary is their spectacular ten week trek circumventing Australia.

This small group 4WD excursion is the ultimate safari tour offered anywhere in the world. Taking you completely around the Aussie outback and virtually everything in between it is the most fantastic holiday experience you will ever have.

Most of these safaris are in small groups of fourteen people and due to the extreme nature are usually attended by the young at heart. These small safari 4WD tours are very flexible and their itineraries can be altered at any time to meet the needs and interests of the group.

The fantastic Aussie nightlife figures prominently along this long trek. Even when camping under the stars you will enjoy a spot of ale or a nice bottle of wine and great food and company.

The ten week 4WD tour offered by OzXposure is a unique safari that is only available in Australia and New Zealand. This is the ultimate way to see Australia and explore her nature and rich history.

With Tasmania being the smallest state, you'll be able to explore the whole place with a 4wd. If you're not too fond of camping however make sure you pre plan some Tasmania accommodation.

There are many other 4-wheel-drive touring companies in Australia. The 4WD safari is a great way to see the vast expanse of wild Australia. Come trek with us!