4WD Jeeps

The jeep first appeared in World War II and quickly became a legendary vehicle. It could travel where other vehicles could only dream of going. It was light, stealthy, and very quick. What grew out of war has enamored itself among outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

Jeep has become extremely popular in Australia. Australia usually holds the international Jeep sales records every year. The Jeep has become extremely popular in the Aussie heart because of the legendary toughness and go anywhere reputation. The Jeep is like the elusive Mountain goat in North America. It chews up wild terrain like it was a flat piece of concrete.

The Jeep closely matches the can do Aussie attitude and is one of the reasons for its popularity in Australia. Owning a Jeep is a status symbol. It is a style that says you are young, rugged and adventurous.

The Jeep is renowned worldwide for its uncanny ability to go virtually anywhere. Taking an outing to any Jeep four wheel clubs gathering will provide you with pictures and tales you will not believe. Pictures of Jeeps ascending vertical cliff walls that is surely impossible for any vehicle to travel on.

The wild treks that some of these crazy enthusiasts travel on are truly amazing. They put their four wheel drive Jeeps to the ultimate test. The Australian outback provides the perfect terrain to put the legendary Jeep to the test.

One quick tip before we go:

  • Try before you buy: 4WD Jeep hires are available in various locations across Australia. Hire out the legendary 4WD Jeep for a weekend holiday and try it on for size. The hire will give you a chance to test the Jeep in the outback and let you know if it is the four wheel drive vehicle for you.

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You will travel in style in your Jeep whether you are cruising Sydney, or trekking the Kakadu National Park. Visit one of the many Jeep dealers in Australia and take your next trip to the outback in style.