Dodge 4WD

Dodge 4WD vehicles are very popular in Australia. Australians are fiercely independent people. Our “No Worries Mate, Can Do Attitude” is known throughout the world. Not to mention our great accents. There is a special place in the Aussie psyche for American made products though. Australians love well made American vehicles.

You could say Australians fell in love with American cars and trucks during World War II. During this time in history American military vehicles were prominent in Australia as were many civilian vehicles. America stepped in and filled a gap for vehicles and other equipment that had normally come from Europe.

You can still find the remnants of old military trucks and American civilian vehicles throughout Australia. Many of these vehicles can be found in museums and others are in private collections. Many collector vehicles can still be seen on the road ways of Australia and turn heads when they travel by.

Dodge has reentered the Australian market much to the delight of the Australian people. One of the vehicles being sold in Australia is:

  • Nitro: the Dodge Nitro is a new 4WD SUV that is taking Australia by storm. The 4x4 is very affordable and offers excellent fuel economy. The fuel economy is enhanced by the Nitro's on demand 4WD system. Under normal road conditions you can gain better fuel efficiency by using the Nitro in 2WD mode. When road conditions change and you need better traction you can change to 4WD with a push of a button. The shift on the fly system is standard on the Nitro. You can purchase the Nitro with a 2.8 liter four cylinder turbo diesel engine or a 3.7 liter V6 petrol version. The diesel version will offer more power and better fuel prices. If you buy a Nitro you will also receive a bonus of two years worth of free insurance. A tremendous bonus.

If American auto makers gain market share in Australia we will see more models appear in the future. This competition and variety is great for the Australian people. Diversity is something that is celebrated in Australia and the more 4WD options available to Aussie's the better.