Ford 4 Wheel Drive

The American automotive company, Ford, has made great strides in the Australian 4 wheel drive market offering a variety of 4WD vehicles. Australia is the largest island country in the World and as such is especially sensitive to world petrol prices given the long distances to drive. Rising Petrol prices are giving rise to a desire for fuel efficient vehicles.

Ford 4 wheel drives are becoming more and more popular for this reason. Offering style and design with efficient petrol mileage. Some of the popular choices in 4x4's are:

  • Ford Escape models: a slim sleek design offering everything an Aussie expects in a four wheel drive. The XLS model is one of the more popular four wheel drive vehicles because of the very efficient 2.3L 4 cylinder engine. This affords the driver great fuel economy and still have the power to go anywhere off road. The On-demand four wheel drive system lets you seamlessly move from road conditions to the off track trek. The Escape models range from the 2.3L 4 cylinder up to the 3.L V6 Limited model. Luxury and power combine for the ultimate in economic luxury 4WD vehicle.
  • Territory: Ford's AWD Territory offers a step up in style and luxury. This vehicle offers V6 power with great fuel economy. This vehicle has an amazing 6 speed automatic transmission and Acutrac Plus system. The territory gives you confidence to navigate any road condition. A wide range of standard features make the territory a very popular AWD vehicle in Australia.
  • Ford 4WD trucks: Ford markets a variety of 4x4 trucks for Australia. The Ford 4WD trucks are work horse vehicles that are home on the street hauling work materials or on the track hauling camping gear. With rising fuel prices the Courier 4 cylinder model provides the ultimate in fuel economy and power to handle whatever you throw at it.

Ford 4 wheel drive's are extremely popular in Australia. The Aussie models are distinctively Australian. The spunk and can do attitude shows through in the design and performance.