Honda 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles

Honda 4 wheel drives and Honda automobiles are some of the most popular and reliable vehicles in the world. The Honda 4WD like all Honda''s represents quality, style, and dependability. Honda has been known for making an automobile engine that seemingly lasts forever. This dependability gives the Honda the best resale value of any vehicle sold worldwide.

Honda vehicles are very popular in Australia. Their style, good fuel economy, and affordability make them a good choice for Australians. One of the best Honda vehicles sold in Australia is the Honda CR-V 4WD.

The Honda CR-V 4WD exemplifies what a compact 4WD can be. The CR-V is at home on the streets of Melbourne or carving up the outback. It may look compact but the Honda CR-V 4wd has all the room you need for your next holiday in the bush. The Honda CR-V 4WD comes in three models:

  • Honda CR-V Luxury
  • Honda CR-V Sport
  • Honda CR-V

All the models come in either a 6 speed manual or 5 speed automatic transmissions. All the models have the 2.4 liter I-VTEC engine that provides awesome performance with great fuel economy. They all have front and side airbags.

The four wheel drive system of the Honda CR-V is very sophisticated. It will use 2 WD when the terrain does not need 4WD. When the rear wheels start to slip the CR-V leaps into action and seamlessly slips into 4WD mode. The Honda CR-C 4WD provides you with maximum fuel efficiency and power and 4WD when you need it.

The Honda CR-V 4WD is a very fun auto to drive. It has the attitude and persona that of a true Aussie even if it is from Japan.