Mercedes 4 Wheel Drive

The Mercedes Benz is a worldwide symbol of wealth and power. The Mercedes Benz 4 Wheel Drive vehicles take this status symbol to the next level. Sleek and gorgeous; Mercedes Benz 4x4 vehicles will lull you into a world of luxury and then blow your mind as it takes you places off track you never thought possible.

Mercedes Benz is synonymous with craftsmanship, design, luxury, and style. You can feel the quality in a Mercedes 4WD by simply opening the door. Something as simple as opening a door gives you a sense of how well the Mercedes 4x4 is constructed. The German engineering and craftmanship is evident as you ride over rough roads.

The Australian people are fun loving, hard working, resilient people who have an take charge attitude about life. A Mercedes 4 wheel drive lets you experience that in luxury. Bright and shiny, beautiful to look at, and under the hood it is as tough as nails and ready to go anywhere and do what is needed. Yes, the Mercedes Benz 4x4 was tailor made for the average Aussie.

The more notable Mercedes 4WDs you will see trekking in the outback are:

  • M Class SUV: pure pleasure at your finger tips. The sheer power to merge you into traffic, or get you up that hill on that outback trail. You won't have to worry about bush bashing in a Mercedes M Class 4WD. It cuts through the terrain like it was the highway. The M Class 4x4 can seat seven and is one of the most comfortable vehicles in the world. You could forget you travelling an outback track in the M Class. Shift on the fly right at your finger tips make driving the M Class exhilarating with its 7G-Tronic automatic transmission.
  • GL Class: The ultimate in 4WD luxury. The GL class is just at home on the highway or trekking the track. Have your board meeting under the stars and close the deal having gotten there in style with the Mercedes GL Class 4WD. Words can't prepare you for the sheer joy of driving a GL Class 4x4. Seating seven but handling like a sports car. The GL class is a driving experience you must have for yourself in order to understand. It will only take once and you will never want to drive another vehicle. The adjustable Air Matic air suspension system is an engineering accomplishment that helps the GL Class move seamlessly from roadway to off road track without skipping a beat. The comfort and style while traveling off road is amazing. Truly, astonishing.

Owning a Mercedes Benz is more than just owning a car. It symbolizes you have arrived. When you pull into camp in a Mercedes Benz four wheel drive every head will turn. Trek the track in style with a Mercedes Benz SUV. Though some will be jealous and believe your Mercedes really belongs on the Gold Coast.