Mitsubishi 4WD

Mitsubishi 4WD vehicles are popular in Australia. They are extremely stylish and very, very tough. The Mitsubishi 4 wheel drive is also very popular as the premiere 4WD hire vehicle in Australia.

The Mitsubishi 4x4 offers travelers fantastic style and design and a very rough attitude. Travelers from all over the world ask for the Mitsubishi when hiring a vehicle to take an Australian safari in.

Touring companies love the Mitsubishi 4x4 because it is less expensive than some of its competitors but just as rugged. The Mitsubishi 4WD also exceeds in getting good gas mileage.

One great model that is very popular as a 4x4 hire is:

  • The Mitsubishi Pajero: a 4WD 5 door wagon. This 4 WD is offered as an automatic transmission.
    • Hi and Low Range.
    • Standard power steering.
    • CD player.
    • Power windows.
    • A Powerful V6 3.5 liter engine. All the power you will ever need.

The Pajero is loved by 4x4 hire companies and enthusiasts alike. The Pajero is one of the best looking 4x4’s on the road. In 2007 the Pajero was awarded the Australian 4x4 of the year. This helped cement its place in the annals’ of 4WD history in Australia. The Pajero was fire tested in International rallies all over the world. These rallies put 4WD vehicles to the ultimate test. The lessons learned in these rallies are transferred to Mitsubishi production vehicles. These improvements have helped Mitsubishi stay on top of the Australian 4x4 market.

The Mitsubishi 4x4 is one of the most sought after 4 wheel drive hire vehicles in Australia and is coveted by Aussie rugby mums as well.

The global spike in crude oil has hurt large sedan and 4x4 sales all over the world. The difference in Australia is that the 4x4 is often necessary to travel in some of the rough Australian terrain. This terrain will mean that 4WD vehicles such as those sold by Mitsubishi will always be welcome in Australia.