Nissan 4 Wheel Drive

Nissan has been a leader in 4 wheel drive technology for fifty years. Nissan is also famous for creating automobiles that are dependable. Dependability is probably one of the most important criteria for Aussie's. Australia has a variety of drastic climate changes and terrain. The Australian driver demands a 4WD that meets the needs of modern city driving but will also be right at home on a dirt track.

Nissan 4WD vehicles fit the bill perfectly. Nissan has a variety of 4 wheel drive vehicles that are perfect for wild and modern Australia. Some of these 4WD Nissans are:

  • X-Trail ST CVT: the winner of numerous awards in Australia this 4WD is affordable but performs magnificently. A 2.5 liter engine offers all the power you need to explore the outback in style and comfort. Offers 4x4-I all mode technology. X-Trail has hill ascent and descent control, ABS brakes and electronic stability program. Sporting a sleek, beautiful design that is fun to drive on and off the road.
  • Pathfinder: Nissan broke new ground with Pathfinder. Fantastic design in a 4WD that will go anywhere. It can handle on and off road terrain. More than enough room for seven passengers. Pathfinder comes in your choice of a 2.5 liter or 4 liter V6 engine. The Pathfinder has 4 wheel disc brakes and 6 airbags for your safety. Pathfinder is equipped with the Nissan patented hill assist control. You can configure your Pathfinder to handle over 63 different load capacities. Pathfinder is an awesome vehicle to drive and handles like a dream. Once behind the wheel of the Pathfinder you will not want to let your trip end.

These are the most well known Nissan 4WD vehicles on the market today. That is unless you live and work on the farm, ranch or in construction. In that case you are probably driving the Nissan Patrol. The Nissan Patrol Cab chassis is arguably the toughest 4WD in the world. If we did not know better we would think the Nissan Patrol was a native Aussie.

No matter which Nissan 4WD you choose you will love where it takes you in Australia.